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Company History

Alternative Copier Technologies (ACT) started out as a coatings specialist in 1990 under the business name of Costello Painting. It was formed in response to a need by the electronic cabinetry industry for a local coatings specialist. In this capacity we operated for approximately two years during which we re-coated 500-600 complete machine panel sets for several notable photocopier suppliers in the southwestern Ontario region. In this same time period we also started to do a number of complete rebuilds for some dealers and this was when the genesis for the idea of developing our own dealership was born.

A little background...

The complete rebuild process has been refined, and has taken roughly four years to develop to the point where we know (based on tracking our service calls to copies ratio) that the machines we sell and service are as good as, or in some cases superior, to new machines. To the customer that is not concerned with the absolute latest in copier technology, one can expect the look and performance of a new machine from 2-4 year old models. The cost savings on new machines versus rebuilds can be enormous on some models, but are generally at least 50% off the new price.

In fact, we are so confident in our rebuilds that every machine is sold with a warranty period. On new commercial models there is no such thing as a warranty, instead there is only immediate mandatory signing of a service contract from copy one.

For the last five years our sole focus has been on sales and service of our own rebuilds. We now offer a complete line of commercial copiers and fax machines. The copier line-up encompasses everything from tabletop, 10 copy per minute models all the way up to 105 copy per minute monsters that perform many roles, and perhaps our hottest seller has been of digital imaging systems that incorporate Scan, Copy, Fax and Print functions that are networkable from the copier platform.

All machines that we sell and support are Canon previously owned models. We have centered ourselves on the Canon line because in our 28 years of technical experience in the copier industry we have found this product line to be the best in the industry in many ways.

Larry Costello
Alternative Copier Technologies (ACT London)