The Process - Our exclusive process involves six major steps following the purchase of a previously owned copier. All phases of the remanufacturing process are done under one roof. This process has taken roughly four years to develop and implement. The result has taken this exciting field of office equipment remanufacturing to new levels of reliability, performance and customer expectations. Each machine gets returned to its original manufacturers' specifications. The following is a brief glimpse of the process referred to earlier.

Step 1 - Take it apart.
In this step each machine gets completely stripped of all assemblies until there's nothing left except the treated steel frame.

Step 2 - Clean it thoroughly.
All extracted parts and assemblies including the frame are rigorously cleaned using a combination of suction and compressor driven air blowing techniques.

Step 3 - Assess and order.
In this phase a master parts list is compiled for the machine and parts deemed required for the complete rebuild, including any update kits, are ordered.

Step 4 - Put it back together.
After all assemblies are cleaned and rebuilt, they are reinstalled into the frame. The refinished panels are reinstalled and the machine is moved to the final phase of its rebuild.

Step 5 - Testing
All functions and all accessories get thoroughly tested. Copy quality (using factory Canon test charts) is assessed ensuring machine is up to OEM specifications. Machine is completed, ready for end user.

Before and After