ACT London, formerly called 'Costello Copier & Fax', has always been dedicated to the absolute best sales & service in the London area.

    The following is a list of useful information about ACT London which will better inform you or your business about us and our operations.

Areas served by ACT London:

  • London
  • St. Thomas
  • Kitchener
  • Woodstock
  • most of Southwestern Ontario and surrounding areas.
Our service response time:
  • We generally advertise a 4-hour response time to service calls in the London area.
Why the name change?
  • Instead of our family name, we opted to call ourselves what we really are and do. We offer a genuine, viable alternative to buying or leasing a new copier.
Who is ACT London?
  • ACT London is owned and operated by Larry and Greg Costello. Both have extensive experience in the photocopier and refurbishing business. For more information, visit the Biography page on this site.